Dear Petricia

Southern clouds salting (surpassing).waves crashing ,self decaying .Earth Bending shallow graves (relenting)

He betrayed you. A crime against humanity and ultimately to himself. 

The evil will grieve in the thought realm .Even after the physical body decays .They will mourn for their evil deeds. 

Do not rejoice in this fact .Or recognize your own mental superiority to not bare this consequence. This curse after life .Rejoice in your innocence .Rejoice for your defence against desire .Rejoice in your visualisation of innocence and strength and perseverance .

He is a weak tree ruled by Mara (desire).


Our minds are miles a part ;Quantum leaps from understanding how deep you cut me(neck ,knees ,from my stomach I bleed).
40 below .Immortalised scultures ;bloody made to heal me .Vanity ,jealousy ,disbelief with just enough belief. 

Wishing you knew me the same .My fear of an audible embodiment (of these tears )that may lay waste ;to an empire before its’s made .Words you could never say to my face .

It’s you that makes me ache .

Physical to the spiritual ,mental decay .