Screaming Obscenity at Nothing

Misbehaving by assumption

Loosely told that “it’s not that simple!”

Barely breathing, Bleeding & Blistered.

A child less likely to listen ;

“take me home let me go why am I here Why can’t I know”

you left like she was just a child to you

but your child screamed her need for you

for seven times in 47 nights-

then she would cut and bleed and you never knew .

On the 48th day she let all her feeling escape

her screams faded and her gaze became less stable

,more anxious and filled failure .

Now the child is caged and full grown,

she is 47 years old ,

not understood but somehow understands.

That the hole in her throat leads to the void in her soul

and through this void she repeated her realization

of days spent ,without the person she came with;

Even nothing becomes something if

it’s all that is there.

Even nobody becomes somebody if

nobody ever cared.


(wakes up)
-Franken Stein

heavily to Heavenly influenced;

the realization of lazy consequence

as being adjacent to criminal coincidence.

(then comes the)

subjugated subjection to idealise lies that bind Martians –

miners losing their mine ,mind and their conscience/

criminals realizing their crimes

and meeting their monsters –

people praying for time

(praying for nonsense)

that was lost in abundance.

from wonder to wander .

(vise versa the thought)

“flash of thunder

take cover”.

from the “lazy” and “cautious”

to the “sane” and “obnoxious”.



Divine Third I

I reason my silence to sleep

a slumber temperate to a heart beat;

eye awaken to the symphony of sadness

,that rhythmically suffocates me,

-as we lose ourselves to their standards

-we heal ourselves through their views;

caged in perceptions like there is no evil inside eye owe you.

Our I controlled by as it is seen by their third

as they watch the poor bleed from their stomachs,

hunger slaves,everyone for themselves and their own

until death ,until there is no more blood to be shed,

no mercy is all that’s felt,no shelter for those

in the solitude of suffering bred.

Our third clouded by their I .

They define what we see as divine;

the religious sacrilege of each follower to their creed

bless you my child ,in time you will see.


question: Define third eye.(5 marks)

things that damage me(short list)

Obsession with a worn out perception:recollecting all the things that damage me.

the procession beyond getting old

the digression of a soul outgrown.

those who take one glance at the cards they were dealt

without conspiration of attempted hesitation,they fold.

Those who became trapped in their own Underworld-

Decaying ,deteriorating people burning in the cold-

.till since than an eternity

Bleeding Me seeks to be ,

As blazed ashes in the wind,

non-existing in peace , , , ,