47 churches for the worthless.

47 shades of blue .
Peace & balance to this who
Seek more life to their core
Those able to say less ,listen more.
Who say no to self ,who know to grow old.
Those who know not to
Be hypnotized by lost sheep

On the 4th & 7th
they waiting on the 20th and the 15th

reciprocating false energy
denying the love of self

that is meant to be

,already endlessly ,existing .

Everyone lost sleep .
Unable to see,rather savour self
As less than-to be -slaughtered sheep .
Not all shepherds are Jesus .know this .

There are those who stand & preach –
47 times a week ,
47 cigarettes they keep,
47 times, they lie when they speak .

47 prayers by those lied to-
Believe in nothing but what the guide do
Or what the guide says .Lead by an invisible leash

to their own defeat ?

no ,more like

they become more invisible each week .

They become more invisible the more they speak.


Letter to Kaiya .6

❤i miss you .& I may be obsessed with you .

A lot of myself consists of you .The influence of you as person .The experience of being yours .Combined with the experience of growing older .

You make me feel ,often🌺. You are all I wish to be lost in .

I am consumed by the need to delve between your thighs from your mind .

Kissing your neck ,feeling you swallow what was never said ,as you shake my spine /Lose my mind.

every sense of the loss ,You enrage my senses senselessly

to no end.) stay with me endlessly

till days turn cold and my heart turns dreary in the shell of the man I use to be .

Which is just one possibility.idk. I’m no fortune teller/ I am no gypsy.

I am all that I wish to be and I will be all that I am meant to be and I am meant to be married to you

‘ear me


Eye miss you

is the weirdest to ear

since i could only miss you

four a year.


it’s like you not even gone-

you were never hear .

you have never been lost/


you gave up value for cost


mistaking degrees :four minutes & seconds

that die as you wait,

-forgeting your lesson,

accepting your fate,

eye should order something-

view is 6 minutes late.




(wakes up)

-Franken Stein

heavily to Heavenly influenced;

the realization of lazy consequence

as being adjacent to criminal coincidence.

(then comes the)

subjugated subjection to idealise lies that bind Martians –

miners losing their mine ,mind and their conscience/

criminals realizing their crimes

and meeting their monsters –

people praying for time

(praying for nonsense)

that was lost in abundance.

from wonder to wander .

(vise versa the thought)

“flash of thunder

take cover”.

from the “lazy” and “cautious”

to the “sane” and “obnoxious”.