Catalyst of healing

You crying leaves scars on me that is left on me by crying ,you;

Cosmic energy warped into chaos .Warped face .

 Wrapping myself around you ,immersing you in my

        space .

Immersion of you and I .

Reborn.Cosmic healing; as our souls return to a sky. 

A higher existence ;

not yours ,

not mine .

Our bod(i)es and minds (intertwine)d;emerging from a blinding light .As they gaze ,

bl(ur)ry space 

only the Sou(r)l that exists 

with(i)n ;

nourish ,kneel ,moving.

A horizontal

inclination of a moment of miracle. 

Scars from h[(f)ealing].Sacrileged ego. 

Feelings unyielding .

A souls’ people .
Comment:She warps my demons.


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