Shadow on The Corner

A piece that was done as my friend was enlightening the fuxk out of me .It stems from how social constructs were divised as an attempt at order but ended up destroying people consistantly .We are brought up in a world of consistant separation .It is an illusion which we are hypnotized into since birth .The illusion of separation.

As His eys cut into mine;

Heart ,mind ,spine;

Tingles ,trembles;

At his misconception

He sees weakness ,meek me.
Try me .mother fuxker find me .

Lose me ,always behind me .

You blind ,unable to recognise

The trap visualized 

By my ,through your eyes .
As they cut into mine

And I cut into you ;

Heart ,spine, mind ;

Shivers ,surrenders 

My misconception 

I see ignorance ,weak adolescents


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