6l4ck Paw8

Black Paws .The 6 is my life Path Number .The 4 is my psychic Number and the 8 is my destiny number .Yeah i’ve been looking up numerology .Trying to establish a sense of self spirituality .This sketch a long with the title is a combination of my learning process of self .She is my spirit animal .The Panther ;I embraced ,emptied my mind and enlightened made.The poem is a reflection on my experience of meeting her .Words aren’t enough because my mind was filled with deafening silence during the entire process .

She shadows me ,

Effortlessly ,through these trees.

Following cosmic flows

Dusk turned cold

Her eyes follow me til nigh’
Turns dawn and my flesh

Is lluminated and caressed;

By the soft burn of the fire .

On the sands of these waters;

The night grows colder.

My eyes turn, from the light

Turn, to dark as night .

She sits ,as I latch around her neck

my mind emptied ,heart content .
As you came you were gone

Shadow Spirit ;that you are .

I long to know your name .

Celestial ,Ancestral .Totem made .


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