Deer Park

Dear Paak

Even if a dog .brings you words 

Take the words .leave the dog 

Pride brings jealousy .violence and hostility 

Be humble .a good man is humble

But clever

Clever as a snake 

A snake is too clever

To fall victim to greed 

Be violent as a lion 

As vicious as that beast .when he is hungry 

Even as powerful as a lion is 

He does not exert his strength .for no reason 

You must look after Gods people 

Do not be greedy or skimpy 

If you have .give what you have 

The more you give ,the more you get 

Dont be as Eli

He lived according to God 

But made the grave mistake .of not shaping their lives 

And showing them the way they should live 

By Gods will .

He kept quiet and for this .his bloodline got ended 

So appreciate Gods Blessings .earn your blessings 

Love .Live .in both .be humble .

Comment:(Inspired by_Veigie) The day I wrote this was about 2 years ago .Every word is inspired by the words of the gate keeper of Deer Park -a hiking hot spot in Cape Town- .He is ,to me ,a guardian of a world I would never fully grasp .A source of knowledge that can’t be carried by weak men .Then again ;this is his perception of the world and I hope it serves to broaden your perception as it has done mine .


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