Reminder via Petrichor

Petrichor;the scent of the Earth after it rains .That burst of the freshest air .That bliss that makes you appreciate the moment;the blessing of breathing.

Each passing winter:

I learn to listen more.

Understanding :the demons that haunt me each full ,shining ,or darkened moon;

fearing the loss of you ,

lest it be the parts I lost to you ,

lest it be what I found in you.

As the smell of the Earth( after it rains);

I remember how they took more of my brain.

You came,left: each demon slain.

To control ,deceive ,make impure: no more!

I am ever reminded of your bravery ;(breathing) Petrichor.


Comment : I am thankful for my soul companion .She will never comprehend what she truly means to me .Every sketch I’ve made ,words I brought to life ,concepts I’ve delved into; have each made it to her consciousness through me.Honestly ;If i keep them to myself ,or to you ,I would die inside .As I have before .Her being the extention of me,she saved me .Honestly ;her opinion makes me feel worthy of any title she proclaims .Poet ,writer ,painter ..true love.



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