Divine Third I


I reason my silence to sleep

a slumber temperate to a heart beat;

eye awaken to the symphony of sadness

,that rhythmically suffocates me,

-as we lose ourselves to their standards

-we heal ourselves through their views;

caged in perceptions like there is no evil inside eye owe you.

Our I controlled by as it is seen by their third

as they watch the poor bleed from their stomachs,

hunger slaves,everyone for themselves and their own

until death ,until there is no more blood to be shed,

no mercy is all that’s felt,no shelter for those

in the solitude of suffering bred.

Our third clouded by their I .

They define what we see as divine;

the religious sacrilege of each follower to their creed

bless you my child ,in time you will see.


question: Define third eye.(5 marks)


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