47 churches for the worthless.

47 shades of blue .
Peace & balance to this who
Seek more life to their core
Those able to say less ,listen more.
Who say no to self ,who know to grow old.
Those who know not to
Be hypnotized by lost sheep

On the 4th & 7th
they waiting on the 20th and the 15th

reciprocating false energy
denying the love of self

that is meant to be

,already endlessly ,existing .

Everyone lost sleep .
Unable to see,rather savour self
As less than-to be -slaughtered sheep .
Not all shepherds are Jesus .know this .

There are those who stand & preach –
47 times a week ,
47 cigarettes they keep,
47 times, they lie when they speak .

47 prayers by those lied to-
Believe in nothing but what the guide do
Or what the guide says .Lead by an invisible leash

to their own defeat ?

no ,more like

they become more invisible each week .

They become more invisible the more they speak.


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