Acrylic on Word .Thoughts about the world.I feel so much; there is a consistency to my spirit that I maintain through expression .I lose my composure a few times each day .I have no firm grip on my life ,I never will. This is why I devised a way to remain sane; I combined my soul with hers and she enlightened me to what feeling is.I opened my mind ;emancipated myself from my own world view.I recognize the humanity in chaos, I understand humanity is the chaos.I like the idea of painting but really I spend more time deriving ideas for painting from my reality than splashing paint. This is a literary representation of  concepts that I want to portray .The medium I usually use for my painting is Acrylic-On-Canvas.This is where the name of this site is derived from.

Feel free to comment paragraphs upon paragraphs .I love the perception of others;it’s one of the few joys in my life.