Consisti awhnce

If we as a tsunami defined love as being measured by the force of a wave.

We couldn’t be meant for one another .

How can we ;

with our arrogance matching and our horns full-grown .

Fearlessly bread :for petty disputes over food .

I don’t picture disputing with any other .

We could only be meant for one another.

How can we not be ;

with our consistency to persist in we is matching and our eyes impervious to mist .

I fear walking through the mist with another.

You the only person brave enough to love me.


word as a weapon

“You either healing or you killing, know the weapons you’re wielding”

-Mick Jenkins ,Lazarus

Harsh words act as  a curse;

casting role goes to those which would hurt worse.


Hearts left hurt by your words;

you without reflection of effect and pain of regret-fill daze .

When the victim of your verbal deceits

stands on the balcony

 overlooking the fallen stars of an eve:

flashbacks of ,sacrilege by savage syllables, his would be.


.as he counts each harsh word that was said to him

.as he counts each star that he would rather be

.than be the cursed him he became to be.

The Knowing

Enmity can never be appeased by hatred alone .Enmity can only ever be appeased by love.This is the Law Eternal.

The Dhammapada

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr

To those:Killing those worth dying for.

Karma knows no disciple (with or without),
Blood shot eyes lit,

Those who remember each lie sp-

lit between you and your Highness .

Those flying
Flying carpets .

Those living till the Earth split:
Hearts hurt lessons learnt .
Did you know ?

The Brave martian had her water split.
By a Giver with an indigo shirt .

Now every lessons that s learnt /
Each world left unlived .
Each bridge left unburned.

Kaleidoscope peers
To their perseverance;

Ran through the Capital
On a quest unless ,
The sage speaks a word
of bridges burned lessons nerved.

Imperial gaze of those gone away .
Through the rainy ,through the burning days

The great IV walls .cave~
D one thousand : none.

No war has ever been won

From: Those that have lost ,one thousand :one, and overcome.



[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]

S is for the stamina,

T is for the talent And then two

E so you don’t forget the name Excalibur

Z’s the Zip Zinger board that I’m passing you on

You still hoping that I pass the baton

But, I hope you got your cameras on

Plus ain’t no passenger surviving when the damage is done

Tripping on concrete

Tripping to a rhyme

Capital STEEZ ,18,died?never in one life

Citizenship ,extradition orientated by our mission alone.

Wretched to the bone .why Do we over think this shit …


the Lives ,the Lost & the Deranged

Do us both a favor and shut the fvck up

Flowers don’t  bloom the same .

The Lost don’t lose the same.

Thee Sane don’t sane the same .

-babe, I blew out my brain today .

We rearranged mental states;

shifted mind and thought of a First Time

to when –

Flowers bloom in June

just because they could.

Lost are found and lost again

but not to cut -tug- the string.

Sane(Deranged) knew their insanity –

 knew their infinite mortality.

All these things enlightened me

away from the preconceived ,closer to 

the Capital,Capital Steez.


To Take.
Extract out of Deathnote ;12 episodes -does not leave u hanging .100% a wothy watch .The innate greed and evil of humanity  even in our attempt at being “good” people is one of the themes.

If you feel to take a life

-Our mortality is unchanging and cycles circle daily-

 Let Karma bare the knife .

Calm your soul calm your mind;

don’t torture, seclude and butcher you .

Hate circles Her prey; endlessly.

We are of  a new breed . Evil  –

innately.Taking & Taking.

She sees what you see,the difference.

she doesn’t deny the “It’s Me”.