Moon Glow Valley

Soul as a moon stone,
Glow-up these pastures.
Illuminate forgotten goals,
Reminder to unknow this load;
That weakens me-

four 7 days till I am six feet.
Losing myself to-
What could
Wouldn’t should be.

Soul like a moon stone .
Glow to me .
I seek you in valleys
Of deceit ,misery:
valley of fear in me .
Soul like the moons glow .

Turn me to stone.


word as a weapon

“You either healing or you killing, know the weapons you’re wielding”

-Mick Jenkins ,Lazarus

Harsh words act as  a curse;

casting role goes to those which would hurt worse.


Hearts left hurt by your words;

you without reflection of effect and pain of regret-fill daze .

When the victim of your verbal deceits

stands on the balcony

 overlooking the fallen stars of an eve:

flashbacks of ,sacrilege by savage syllables, his would be.


.as he counts each harsh word that was said to him

.as he counts each star that he would rather be

.than be the cursed him he became to be.

the Lives ,the Lost & the Deranged

Do us both a favor and shut the fvck up

Flowers don’t  bloom the same .

The Lost don’t lose the same.

Thee Sane don’t sane the same .

-babe, I blew out my brain today .

We rearranged mental states;

shifted mind and thought of a First Time

to when –

Flowers bloom in June

just because they could.

Lost are found and lost again

but not to cut -tug- the string.

Sane(Deranged) knew their insanity –

 knew their infinite mortality.

All these things enlightened me

away from the preconceived ,closer to 

the Capital,Capital Steez.