To Take.
Extract out of Deathnote ;12 episodes -does not leave u hanging .100% a wothy watch .The innate greed and evil of humanity  even in our attempt at being “good” people is one of the themes.

If you feel to take a life

-Our mortality is unchanging and cycles circle daily-

 Let Karma bare the knife .

Calm your soul calm your mind;

don’t torture, seclude and butcher you .

Hate circles Her prey; endlessly.

We are of  a new breed . Evil  –

innately.Taking & Taking.

She sees what you see,the difference.

she doesn’t deny the “It’s Me”.




Left by the Church the road from the Mosque;

Where they devote self each Friday.

On any given day;

Ignore the self-chosen loneliness

Of a saints souls.

It is contagious and you will only

Know when your own grows cold.

Ignore those,

And take a,

Left by the church.


Our minds are miles a part ;Quantum leaps from understanding how deep you cut me(neck ,knees ,from my stomach I bleed).
40 below .Immortalised scultures ;bloody made to heal me .Vanity ,jealousy ,disbelief with just enough belief. 

Wishing you knew me the same .My fear of an audible embodiment (of these tears )that may lay waste ;to an empire before its’s made .Words you could never say to my face .

It’s you that makes me ache .

Physical to the spiritual ,mental decay .


Thirty eight point five degrees ;heat degressing my wave lengths.I can’t think.I can’t ,I try (breaths).

Thoughts of being without you ;oozing out me .The result ;my rhyme scheme being complicated to an A ,B ,D ,V ,G ,Z. 

I lay up.I pray .I fade .Vertical decay. 

The clock tower mocks me .Time becomes unrecognized .My eyes red from the longest nightmares I have ever had;as the sky taunts me .I can’t feel tranquillity; Influenza kissed me .She licks me and leaves me;infects me . Consistantly ,unendingly.