Consisti awhnce

If we as a tsunami defined love as being measured by the force of a wave.

We couldn’t be meant for one another .

How can we ;

with our arrogance matching and our horns full-grown .

Fearlessly bread :for petty disputes over food .

I don’t picture disputing with any other .

We could only be meant for one another.

How can we not be ;

with our consistency to persist in we is matching and our eyes impervious to mist .

I fear walking through the mist with another.

You the only person brave enough to love me.



Reminder via Petrichor

Petrichor;the scent of the Earth after it rains .That burst of the freshest air .That bliss that makes you appreciate the moment;the blessing of breathing.

Each passing winter:

I learn to listen more.

Understanding :the demons that haunt me each full ,shining ,or darkened moon;

fearing the loss of you ,

lest it be the parts I lost to you ,

lest it be what I found in you.

As the smell of the Earth( after it rains);

I remember how they took more of my brain.

You came,left: each demon slain.

To control ,deceive ,make impure: no more!

I am ever reminded of your bravery ;(breathing) Petrichor.


Comment : I am thankful for my soul companion .She will never comprehend what she truly means to me .Every sketch I’ve made ,words I brought to life ,concepts I’ve delved into; have each made it to her consciousness through me.Honestly ;If i keep them to myself ,or to you ,I would die inside .As I have before .Her being the extention of me,she saved me .Honestly ;her opinion makes me feel worthy of any title she proclaims .Poet ,writer ,painter ..true love.


Catalyst of healing

You crying leaves scars on me that is left on me by crying ,you;

Cosmic energy warped into chaos .Warped face .

 Wrapping myself around you ,immersing you in my

        space .

Immersion of you and I .

Reborn.Cosmic healing; as our souls return to a sky. 

A higher existence ;

not yours ,

not mine .

Our bod(i)es and minds (intertwine)d;emerging from a blinding light .As they gaze ,

bl(ur)ry space 

only the Sou(r)l that exists 

with(i)n ;

nourish ,kneel ,moving.

A horizontal

inclination of a moment of miracle. 

Scars from h[(f)ealing].Sacrileged ego. 

Feelings unyielding .

A souls’ people .
Comment:She warps my demons.

Celestial Wonder

I like being outside ,evening times .

As the fires of the street lamp illuminates

 these trees and softly kisses my skin .

The cool feeling of the concrete

through layers of warmth ,

that smother me during the

 the precipitation of June.

The sky painted with an Othello blue

 ,as the clouds dissolve to reveal 

the glistening of the celestial spirits .

As if they are being purged 

from the sky by these peaceful lights.

I like to think that they watch me too ,

that they marvel at my being 

and wonder whether I am dead or alive .