since till eternity

As I swallow my words of praise
left breathless, by the cherry blossom,
gentleness of your face;

she with wrecking ball intention to this maze

that I’ve laid to keep a float.Lady of the Lake


I kclear my throat .

-unable to say –

The joy of each memory .

As your lips grace

mine .Kiss of life to me.

it’s she .since till eternity.






[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]

S is for the stamina,

T is for the talent And then two

E so you don’t forget the name Excalibur

Z’s the Zip Zinger board that I’m passing you on

You still hoping that I pass the baton

But, I hope you got your cameras on

Plus ain’t no passenger surviving when the damage is done

Tripping on concrete

Tripping to a rhyme

Capital STEEZ ,18,died?never in one life

Citizenship ,extradition orientated by our mission alone.

Wretched to the bone .why Do we over think this shit …


Love yourz

Topie(father) is sketched into these cloudy days .This sun ,this moon ,eclipsed rebirth .Blooming each season while my connection to my roots revitalize my mind.Fertilize a barren Earth .No sunshine .

​Babe .my heart bleeds to be with you .I long for you each second that I am not with you .It’s not easy .without you .
This time ,6 years ago ,was the last month I experienced my fathers existence( in a royal physical form.)I need to be with his spiritual presence and his lingering vibrations in the air of this home.I am torn a part .
Lawd willing ,I hope to never lose his vibrations.I never appreciated him enough ,and i’m not being pitiful .He called ,I wouldn’t give him my undivided. I had problems .I am thankful for you .you will never be a problem .

Iloveyou43ver .my darling.

Sixth Mystic of the Seven Seas

Water(,) bending the minds of theirs & mine.

These trees ;misty made through your mystic ways .

Six ways ;world made in six days.

These waters;waves cave with each word that escapes

Your mind enlightening theirs,mine.

Sixth Mystic of these Misty Trees .

Deep rooted to the Earth 

Most fertile with (,her)words

Sprout ,emancipate ;

Your mind ,mine

Sixth Mystic of those who Swallow before they Speak