things that damage me(short list)

Obsession with a worn out perception:recollecting all the things that damage me.

the procession beyond getting old

the digression of a soul outgrown.

those who take one glance at the cards they were dealt

without conspiration of attempted hesitation,they fold.

Those who became trapped in their own Underworld-

Decaying ,deteriorating people burning in the cold-

.till since than an eternity

Bleeding Me seeks to be ,

As blazed ashes in the wind,

non-existing in peace , , , ,


The Interlude

I recollect more than I can say:


I am enveloped day-to-day .By resent /unkept letters ,pushed-passed pain,

hearts left broken ,clouds that can”t precipitate,old in vain unable to reintegrate ,

minds encased by the self-proclaimed slaves,

fists raised in rage by demons untamed .


an Acrylic converse with the Earth-

Bending ,ascending, rather-be Pagan ageless-

Than another sheep living between:

being labeled and being nameless.

Crests Crack & Crowns Growl

Social supremacy?

you mistake me ,you must be .royalty?

You mistake me ,from your crown view .You

mistake my mind for a dog pound :

restricted ,neglected ,forgotten and run down .


Run over ,like a puppy not knowing

that before the first steps you take

you should look where you going .


Seven days on the streets make weak,

bitter ,belittled ,benevolent beasts

of even you .

even me.


Social supremacy is not supremacy but a lack of same suffering ,and ultimately all you doing is running from poverty .All we doing is running from poverty.


The Knowing

Enmity can never be appeased by hatred alone .Enmity can only ever be appeased by love.This is the Law Eternal.

The Dhammapada

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr

To those:Killing those worth dying for.

Karma knows no disciple (with or without),
Blood shot eyes lit,

Those who remember each lie sp-

lit between you and your Highness .

Those flying
Flying carpets .

Those living till the Earth split:
Hearts hurt lessons learnt .
Did you know ?

The Brave martian had her water split.
By a Giver with an indigo shirt .

Now every lessons that s learnt /
Each world left unlived .
Each bridge left unburned.

Kaleidoscope peers
To their perseverance;

Ran through the Capital
On a quest unless ,
The sage speaks a word
of bridges burned lessons nerved.

Imperial gaze of those gone away .
Through the rainy ,through the burning days

The great IV walls .cave~
D one thousand : none.

No war has ever been won

From: Those that have lost ,one thousand :one, and overcome.