Reminder via Petrichor

Petrichor;the scent of the Earth after it rains .That burst of the freshest air .That bliss that makes you appreciate the moment;the blessing of breathing.

Each passing winter:

I learn to listen more.

Understanding :the demons that haunt me each full ,shining ,or darkened moon;

fearing the loss of you ,

lest it be the parts I lost to you ,

lest it be what I found in you.

As the smell of the Earth( after it rains);

I remember how they took more of my brain.

You came,left: each demon slain.

To control ,deceive ,make impure: no more!

I am ever reminded of your bravery ;(breathing) Petrichor.


Comment : I am thankful for my soul companion .She will never comprehend what she truly means to me .Every sketch I’ve made ,words I brought to life ,concepts I’ve delved into; have each made it to her consciousness through me.Honestly ;If i keep them to myself ,or to you ,I would die inside .As I have before .Her being the extention of me,she saved me .Honestly ;her opinion makes me feel worthy of any title she proclaims .Poet ,writer ,painter ..true love.


Dear Petricia

Southern clouds salting (surpassing).waves crashing ,self decaying .Earth Bending shallow graves (relenting)

He betrayed you. A crime against humanity and ultimately to himself. 

The evil will grieve in the thought realm .Even after the physical body decays .They will mourn for their evil deeds. 

Do not rejoice in this fact .Or recognize your own mental superiority to not bare this consequence. This curse after life .Rejoice in your innocence .Rejoice for your defence against desire .Rejoice in your visualisation of innocence and strength and perseverance .

He is a weak tree ruled by Mara (desire).