since till eternity

As I swallow my words of praise
left breathless, by the cherry blossom,
gentleness of your face;

she with wrecking ball intention to this maze

that I’ve laid to keep a float.Lady of the Lake


I kclear my throat .

-unable to say –

The joy of each memory .

As your lips grace

mine .Kiss of life to me.

it’s she .since till eternity.




Divine Third I

I reason my silence to sleep

a slumber temperate to a heart beat;

eye awaken to the symphony of sadness

,that rhythmically suffocates me,

-as we lose ourselves to their standards

-we heal ourselves through their views;

caged in perceptions like there is no evil inside eye owe you.

Our I controlled by as it is seen by their third

as they watch the poor bleed from their stomachs,

hunger slaves,everyone for themselves and their own

until death ,until there is no more blood to be shed,

no mercy is all that’s felt,no shelter for those

in the solitude of suffering bred.

Our third clouded by their I .

They define what we see as divine;

the religious sacrilege of each follower to their creed

bless you my child ,in time you will see.


question: Define third eye.(5 marks)

things that damage me(short list)

Obsession with a worn out perception:recollecting all the things that damage me.

the procession beyond getting old

the digression of a soul outgrown.

those who take one glance at the cards they were dealt

without conspiration of attempted hesitation,they fold.

Those who became trapped in their own Underworld-

Decaying ,deteriorating people burning in the cold-

.till since than an eternity

Bleeding Me seeks to be ,

As blazed ashes in the wind,

non-existing in peace , , , ,

The Interlude

I recollect more than I can say:


I am enveloped day-to-day .By resent /unkept letters ,pushed-passed pain,

hearts left broken ,clouds that can”t precipitate,old in vain unable to reintegrate ,

minds encased by the self-proclaimed slaves,

fists raised in rage by demons untamed .


an Acrylic converse with the Earth-

Bending ,ascending, rather-be Pagan ageless-

Than another sheep living between:

being labeled and being nameless.

Letter to Tiony

to:a soul to grow

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses
your understanding.

Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its
heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.

And could you keep your heart in wonder at the
daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem
less wondrous than your joy;

-Khalil Gibran

drunk ,delicate ,dehumanizing :

denunciation of her seed:

In the middle of the fvcking street :

You were standing right next to me.

Your optical shining as mine did .


Soaked Inside Eyes:

At the time I could read your third like it was mine.


like I understand what is :

living between poverty

and living on the streets .


I swallow as I speak:

that I may tell of growth in grief


that pain is the locksmith of understanding

that money is only here then it goes .I know:

you wish she would drink less ,supply more

scream less and show her core

(no excuse)but we humans-

(to abuse ,brutally misuse)we flawed .


I pray for your spiritual channels ,and your ascension ,

and that this pain doesn’t render-

another youth as a regret-filled-glass-pipe bender


from: a soul less grown



Crests Crack & Crowns Growl

Social supremacy?

you mistake me ,you must be .royalty?

You mistake me ,from your crown view .You

mistake my mind for a dog pound :

restricted ,neglected ,forgotten and run down .


Run over ,like a puppy not knowing

that before the first steps you take

you should look where you going .


Seven days on the streets make weak,

bitter ,belittled ,benevolent beasts

of even you .

even me.


Social supremacy is not supremacy but a lack of same suffering ,and ultimately all you doing is running from poverty .All we doing is running from poverty.